LCD Screen Display with Touch Digitizer Panel and Frame for iPhone 8 Plus (5.5 inches)(Generic) - White


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● This is the LCD & Digitizer Frame Assembly for iPhone 8 Plus - White 

● This LCD Screen Comes With Vertical Polarizer,Olephobic Coating,Flex Cushion,Proximity Sensor Bracket, Earpiece Speaker Dust Cover

● Compatible With iPhone 8 Plus A1864 | A1897 | A1898

● Replace your broken screen and fixes most screen issuses such as cracks,non-responsive,lines,dead pixels,etc 

● All LCD screens are tested and 100% functioning prior to shipping

● Limited Warranty 

Quality Instructions:

 1.Generic ---Everything aftermarket. (LCD, Digitizer, flex cable ) ; Polarization only works either vertical or sideways but not all angles ;

 2.Generic Plus –100 % QC Passes such as polarization ( All Angles), 3-D touch function, LCD flickering, and frame assembly.

 3.High Quality ---Variations of original and Aftermarket parts (LCD, Digitizer, flex cable) ;

 4.Super High Quality --- Mostly original parts. (LCD, Digitizer, flex cable) .


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