OLED Screen Display with Touch Digitizer Panel and Frame for iPhone 11 Pro Max(6.5 inches)(High Quality) - Black


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● This is the High Quality OLED & Digitizer Frame Assembly for iPhone 11 Pro Max - Black,With original and Aftermarket parts (OLED, Digitizer, flex cable)

● This OLED Screen Comes With 360°Polarizer,Original 3D Force Touch,Olephobic Coating,Backplate with Proximity Sensor Bracket, Earpiece Speaker Dust Cover

●  Compatible With iPhone 11 Pro Max A2161 | A2218 | A2220. 

● Replace your broken screen and fixes most screen issuses such as cracks,non-responsive,no display,lines,dead pixels,etc.

●  All OLED screens are tested and 100% functioning prior to shipping.   

●  Limited Warranty. 


Quality Instructions: 

1.Generic ---Everything aftermarket. (LCD, Digitizer, flex cable ) ; Polarization only works either vertical or sideways but not all angles ;

2.Generic Plus ---100 % QC Passes such as polarization ( All Angles), 3-D touch function, LCD flickering, and frame assembly.

3.Premium Grade ---High Brightness,Higher Color Saturation,360°Polarizer,Oleophobic Fingerprint Resistant Glass Coating,3D Touch Sensitivity,Original FPC Connectors,Perfect Fit.

4.High Quality ---Variations of original and Aftermarket parts (LCD, Digitizer, flex cable) ;

5.Super High Quality --- Mostly original parts. (LCD, Digitizer, flex cable) .

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